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2017 Speakers 

This fun filled event is your opportunity to understand the powerful and keystone forces at play in determining your health.  You will gain the information and easy actionable steps to reverse the aging and disease process.  You will have the knowledge and power never achieved by most mainstream physicians.  Those that understand and implement these concepts begin to live life to the fullest potential while reversing chronic disease in 1-8 months.....  For Good.


Some or our guest speakers from 2017 Summit included:



David Fresilli has based his professional career around his passion for developing optimum health. He has a vast knowledge and a depth of experience in Holistic Health and Fitness, including: Nutrition, Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Martial Arts and Self Development, along with personal training, which gives him the unique ability to work with clients on deeper levels of conscious awareness in their bodies through understanding how the spirit and mind control functions.


Dr. Deborah Gordon graduated from the University of California at San Francisco Medical School and completed a Family Practice Residency in Santa Rosa, California, where she also served as Chief Resident. She moved to the Rogue Valley over 30 years ago as the first Medical Director of Clinica, formerly Clinica Del Valle. She is an experienced practitioner and teacher of classical homeopathy. For the last fifteen years, she has had an integrative practice, approaching medical complaints with lifestyle solutions. She has had a particular interest in Alzheimer’s disease and trained with Dr. Dale Bredesen in 2016.


Dr. Joel Klein received his MD from the University of Maryland School of Medicine in 1981.  Dr. Klein, practiced Family Medicine in a "conventional" setting for 15 years.  All the while, he knew and experienced for himself the value of alternative and holistic therapies and incoroprated htem into his treatment plans whenever possible.  Desireing to devote more of his time to HOlistic Medicine, Dr. Klein left his conventional practice in November of 2000, and since htat itime has incorporated nutriional, herbal, and homeapathic strategies into his primary care practice.  To compliment and minmize the need for convential medical therpaies.  Dr. Klein successfully treats many conditons like low thryoid, fatigue, stress, adrenal issues, hormone imbalces, wieght gain. 


Sarah Roberson-  Sarah graduated with her BS in Nursing from OHSU and then progressed on to CSULB for her MSN in nursing, becoming a family nurse practitioner. She has been practicing in the Rogue Valley for the last 9 years. While she sees the spectrum of primary care she also specifically focuses in hormone balancing for women, men, and teens. She additionally encourages preventative care, educating her patients with specific dietary guidelines and lifestyle changes to prevent heart disease and diabetes, and also to slow down the progression of these diseases when they are already present. Other main health issues she treats includes thyroid dysfunction, adrenal fatigue, and general women’s health. She blends traditional western medicine with a mix of alternative approaches as well, utilizing supplements, vitamin testing and essential oils when able.  Sarah was also celebrated for being voted the favorite primary care provider in Southern Oregon in 2016!  


Matt Hogge is a doctor of Nurse Practice who specializes in family medicine and practices at La Clinica Wellness Center in Medford Oregon.  Matt holds a nursing degree and doctor of nursing practice degree from the University of Portland.  He also holds a biochemistry degree from Southern Oregon University in Ashland and minor in Spanish. He enjoys working with an underserved population and helping people focus on modifiable lifestyle factors in place of medicine.


Robert Nagato-Needleman  received his BS with honors in Biology at Brown University.  He studied in the PhD program at the University of California and in San Francisco in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, on a NSF fellowship. He has given scientific talks on Gene Expression,  Health and Longevity around the United States, China, Japan, and the Philippines.  


Satya Beneventi received is a certified Parent Coach and Founder of Turning Point Parenting. She is deeply passionate about her work.  Her enthusiasm and experience working with people for over 25 years has allowed her the keen insight of creating a safe environment for parents to share all of the rewarding and unique challenges that come with parenting.  Satya has a degree in Business Management and Organizational Behavior. She was featured in the book, "Magnetic Service" by customer service guru, Dr. Chip R. Bell.  She's truly is living her purpose helping parents create happy and healthy homes.

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Hear what people have to say! 

" I am CEO of a coaching business for financial advisors.  I was looking for some help and this presentation showed up.  I reached out and joined the program and it is phenomenal.  It was a step by step of what I needed to do, everything form the overview to the menus, videos to help out and the exact supplements I should have.  I had off and on back pain and now it's gone. I am down 18 pound in 4 weeks"

John Bowen Jr 

Founder and CEO of CEG Worldwide LLC

" Dr. Gala is revolutionziaing how we approach health care today, through his research and astounding results in the prevention and reversal of diabetes, fibromyalgia and other chronic disease."

JJ Virgin

New York Times Best Seller and Celebrity nutrition Expert

The pain in the shoulders and hips has stopped entirely. I can lift my arms above my shoulders and the back pain has virtually stopped.  Energy lasts all day and that is really great, not having to put something off until another time.

Ralph McKechnie

Owner of Rogue Independent

What Will You Leave With?

  • How to transform from feeling old and sluggish to a renewed and vibrant you!
  • Your easy step process to rid yourself of traditional aging so you feel youthful and energetic so you can tackle the day!
  • How to reduce or completly eliminate prescription medications so you dont have to be tied to pills!
  • How to reduce or eliminate the chronic pain so that you have freedom of movement to enjoy activities with friends and family!
  • Your own clear weight loss (or weight managment plan) so you can shed your fat suit and look and feel great again!

Limit of Liability/Disclaimer Warranty:   The information at the Longevity Summit may not be suitable for every situation.  The information is given with the understanding that the director, staff,and speakers are not engaged in rendering medical advice, but offering healthy lifestyle options. This summit is not intended to replace the advice or recommendation of a physician.   If professional assistance is required, the services of a professional person should be sought.  The director, staff, or speakers shall not be liable for damages arising herefrom.  


I look forward to personally guiding you to the life you deserve!

In Health,

Dr. Thaddeus Gala  DC